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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the effects of this situation?
Neither the operation nor the safety of the vehicle is impaired.
Software was used which optimises NOx emissions on the test bed.
Is the safety of the vehicle impaired?
What exactly needs to be repaired on the car?
The technical measures are currently being prepared, and this process is being given the utmost priority. For the majority of vehicles, a software update will likely be sufficient.
Is it necessary to make an appointment at the workshop?
Audi will contact you as soon as the technical solution is available.
Will the repair be carried out free of charge?
Yes, Audi will cover the costs of the repair.
Who can I contact with further questions?
You are also welcome to contact your local Audi dealer at any time with any questions you might have.
Who do I contact if my car shows a problem after the implementation of the technical measure?
Affected customers can be sure that the technical measures will be successfully implemented and will not have adverse effects on their vehicles‘ fuel consumption figures, CO2 emissions, engine power, maximum torque or noise emissions. This was a key precondition for approval of the technical measure by the authorities. However, if you experience a problem with your vehicle, please contact your next Audi service partner or call the Diesel-Hotline at the +356 80049189.
Will I receive a confirmation from the Audi service partner after the technical measure has been implemented and what should I do if I ever lose it?
Yes, you will receive a confirmation from the Audi service partner after the technical measure has been successfully implemented. If you lose this confirmation or have not received it, please contact your Audi service partner.
I am the holder of an affected vehicle and resident in a country where the competent authorities have not ordered the recall by law. I have decided not to participate in the technical measure. Can I still temporarily travel to countries where the technical measure is the subject of a legally required recall (e.g.: Germany)?
When a holder has the technical measures implemented in an affected vehicle, the customer decides independently. However, we note that in those countries where the relevant authorities have ordered the recall to the customers, they may be able to impose sanctions if the technical measures on an affected vehicle are not implemented within a certain period of time.
Nevertheless, we assume that you may temporarily use your vehicle in countries with a legally required recall (e.g. during a holiday or during transit).
Why does my car need a technical measure?
In the engine controller of the vehicles with affected engines, a software function was used that
recognized the driving curve of the official type test. Depending on the recognition of the driving
curve the engine controller switches to 2 different modes: mode 1 with an optimum NOx level for
testing conditions or mode 2 for optimum levels of particulate matter in use on the road.
I am an owner of an affected vehicle and live in the EU28. I chose not to take part in the software implementation measure. What happens if I move permanently to a country where the technical measure is mandatory and I want to take my car with me?
You will have to register your car in that country. Normally the authorities will inform you that you
need to get the update within a certain period of time (xxx months?). Please contact your Audi service partner in your new home country.

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