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Finland pro exclusive experience

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Finland pro exclusive experience

There is always room for improvement and there are always new challenges to overcome. That applies to us as much as it does to you.

Prepare to be enthralled as you experience sportiness and dynamism at its purest. Every lap counts, as during our Finland pro exclusive experience you will practise driving at the absolute limit. The attentive, personal support provided by our team of instructors will keep sharpening your driving skills. Video analysis is used to evaluate your driving style and driving efficiency and define individual focal points for training. And then it’s back to the handling course, powering into the next turn and the next drift...

Our Finland pro exclusive experience demands a very high level of driving skill and has been specially designed for highly experienced participants and avid motor racing enthusiasts. To take part in this sporty driving course, you must have previously participated in either a Finland experience or a Sweden experience course, or have active motorsport experience.

To ensure in-depth training at a high level, each participant is provided with their own vehicle.

Training programme e.g.

  • Warm-up, Feedback drive
  • Braking in bends
  • Various concentration exercises
  • S-bend technique
  • Cornering technique for 180° turns
  • Evasion exercise
  • Free practice session
  • Various handling courses
  • Numerous assessment checks
Training vehicle
Audi S4 Avant
Finland pro exclusive experience
3,5 training days (incl. 4 overnight stays)
Finland experience, Sweden experience or active motorsport experience
Price per person
€ 5.700,–
Departure airports
Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich
Accompanying person
on request
Please note
  • The stated prices are not subject to VAT.
  • The training vehicles are provided by Audi. Each participant is provided with their own vehicle
Training venue
05.02. - 09.02.2017
Fully booked
02.03. - 06.03.2017
Fully booked

Fuel consumption/emissions figures:

  • Audi S4 Avant: Fuel consumption in l/100 km: urban 10,1 - 10,0; extra-urban 6,3 - 6,1; combined 7,6 - 7,5; CO2-emissions in g/km:combined 175 - 171; Efficiency rating: D–C/EU6
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