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Audi driving experience center - Conference plus

What could be more extraordinary than to combine a conference with a real driving experience or various other programme features?

In the half-day R8 training experience for example, your guests will experience the new Audi R8 V10 plus Coupé up close. Various driving exercises on the dynamic area push participants to the physical limits of performance. The highlight is the guided driving event on the handling course, where your conference guests can put their newly acquired skills into practice.

High-speed rides in the Audi R8 or breathtaking tilts in the Audi Q7 on the off-road course give your guests another view of the world – as a passenger with one of our instructors. In a rescue simulator, you can also practise being rescued from an overturned car. We would be happy to put together your customised “Conference plus” programme on request.

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