Vorsprung durch Wissenschaft –

scientific theory and business practice

Audi’s research partnerships create the ideal conditions for innovation. They accelerate knowledge transfer between industry and research and also provide a platform for promoting young talent.

Audi’s university partnerships focus on two factors: technology and people. The areas of expertise in the technical field range from development through to production. The focal points in the humanities, social and economic sciences include personnel and management as well as procurement, marketing and sales.

Projects at the interface between industry and science
At present, over 130 postgraduates are working towards their doctorate in research projects funded by Audi. Each project benefits from an interdisciplinary network as well as in-depth support from the faculty and the specialist department. Based at a location close to Audi – e.g. in the SE centres – university staff can work at the company and in their own institutes.

Science for everyone
Audi’s university partnerships are not restricted to purely scientific work. Under the motto “University hands-on”, Audi also promotes effective knowledge transfer for school students and interested members of the general public.